Soul Gardening: Lessons from the Garden about a few things that matter,
With Terry Hershey

This is true: in the garden, you are invited to SLOW DOWN, to harness the power of pause, to practice the sacrament of the present moment.

In the garden, we do not give in to urgency knowing that life flows from a place of gladness…

In the garden, we embrace the demanding marriage of loving and losing, cultivate appreciation of the value of stillness and solitude, and make space for the ordinary gifts of grace.

Poetry Reading with Martin Townsend

Martin will read selected poems and reflect on how they work on our souls. Poets like Oliver, Cummings, Collins, Hopkins and assorted others will be included. Participants will be welcome to bring favorite poems of their own.

The Next Stage with Frances Fuller

Do you have a plan, a strategy for the final years of your life? Do you have a dream of what you want to be in your old age? Join Frances Fuller, author of Helping Yourself Grow Old, as she provides thoughtful commentary and insights into the mental and emotional process of moving through our inevitably changing circumstances.

Note: Linda Broadbent, a recently retired senior real estate specialist, will be on hand to offer practical tips on how to decide whether to remain in your home or move and your options for other residential settings.

Imagine That! A Guided Meditation Experience with Sister Carrine Etheridge

Surrounded by the autumn glory of God’s handiwork in the changing seasons of the Virginia mountains, we will have the opportunity to reflect on God’s handiwork in the changing seasons within ourselves. Reflection through guided imagery engages the immense, often underused power with which we were all born: imagination! Life is not only busy, it is often downright cluttered. Through the guided imagery of Autumn, God may lead us, like the leaves, to gently “Let Go” of what may clutter our freedom.

Naming Has Power: Documenting Your COVID Experience with Julie Shields

Sometime in the future, scholars, historians and family members will want to know how we faced this global pandemic. Sharing our experiences will give others a broader view of what has happened than they can find in history books, and sharing these memories will enrich our relationships.

We will use several techniques to get started retrieving our memories and writing about them, and those who wish to so do will have a chance to share these memories.

Bring pen or pencil and paper.

Embroidery on Paper with Loretta Mann

You will be given a piece of card stock that has been pierced with a design. With your needle and thread you will create your masterpiece! Loretta noted that needles will be threaded for those who, like her, have trouble threading a needle.

Max: 12 Participants

Artful Appetizers #2 with Doc and Barbara Fischer

If you’ve been accused of “playing with your food” then this workshop is for you! Not only do you get to play with your food but also that of others! Just bring your clean hands, masks, imaginations, and appetites so you can be among the first to sample the “artful creations” that will be presented for the nibbling enjoyment of others at Tuesday’s Happy Half Hour. Each participant will receive a booklet with the recipes.

Note: Because of COVID 19 restrictions, gloves and masks will be required and provided for the workshop.

Max: 20 Participants

Wilderness to Gardens with Ellen and Ed Hardy

A tour of some of the gardens at Shrine Mont begins with a walk from Virginia House to the Bird Cage where we will meet Ellen and Ed Hardy. We will walk down through the gardens in the circle at the end of the road and back through the gardens beside Peterkin Cottage. The tour will cover how the gardens got started in 1993 (at Fall Camp!) and how they developed. She will also answer any questions about the plants and how they garden in an area populated by deer.

Note: A golf cart will be available to transport those who may have difficulty climbing the hill to the Bird Cage and garden. You will, however, be walking through the tour! There are benches here and there if you find you need a rest.

Paint a Hydrangea Blossom with Patty Rosenberg

Paint a hydrangea blossom in watercolor. All materials will be provided.

Max: 6 Participants

Apps That Work Better on a Tablet with John Gilliom

Some mobile applications just need a bigger screen. We’ll explore a few of those. Both iPad and Android tablets will be covered.

Coloring With Soft Music with Toni Hogg

Join with others for a quiet time of coloring while listening to soothing music. Pictures to choose from and coloring pens will be provided.

Yoga Stretch

This class will incorporate basic yoga sun salutations with stretching to improve flexibility. Although much of the class will be conducted standing or lying on a mat, utilization of a chair (seated) may also be used if it is more comfortable for the participant. Soothing music will be played in the background.

Level: Beginning to Intermediate – All are welcome

Supplies needed: A yoga mat & towel or strap at minimum; secondary padded yoga mat & yoga blocks, if desired.

Duration: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Genealogy with Ed Smith

Ed will meet with individuals by appointment to assist in the search of family histories. Please sign up if you are interested.