The total cost for attending Fall Camp 2023 is $366.00 per person for single occupancy and $283.00 per person for double occupancy. To attend Fall Camp 2023 you must register in advance and pay a non-refundable $25.00 per person registration fee when you register. The balance of your total may be paid in advance or upon arrival at Shrine Mont for Fall Camp. We are not able to accept credit card payments on this site, or by mail, or at Fall Camp. Payments must be made either by mailing a check or by cash or check when made in person. Make checks payable to: Tri-Diocesan Council on Aging. If your balance is paid in full before you arrive at Fall Camp you will avoid waiting in the payment queue. The wait can be considerable at times. 

Attendance at Fall Camp 2023 will be limited to 200 campers, including staff and presenters. Persons will be counted as registered at the time when both their completed registration form and their registration fee have been received. Registration will begin August 1. It will end either when 200 registration forms with their registration fees have been received or on October 16 if that occurs first.

If either your registration form or your registration fee is received after the 200-person limit is reached, you will be notified by phone and/or email. You will then have the option to be placed on a waiting list pending a possible cancellation. Your registration fee will be refunded if you decline the waiting list or you accept but we are unable to accommodate you at Fall Camp.

Shrine Mont is a historic facility with limited numbers of accessible and first floor rooms. Housing assignments will be made in the order that registration forms and fees are received. If you have a special housing request; for example for an accessible room, a first-floor room, a particular room in a particular building, or adjacent rooms for your group; you should plan to register as early as possible. 

If you have special dietary needs please call Shrine Mont at (540) 856-2141 and ask to speak to the kitchen staff.

You will be able to register using either the interactive web form located at the bottom of this page or by filling and mailing a paper form. The interactive form can be filled using a smart phone or tablet. If you do not have access to a printer, this will be the most convenient way to register by far.

We encourage you to use the web form as that will enable us to process your registration faster and avoid possible errors transcribing your information. When you have completed filling the web form, submitted it, and received an email acknowledgement, be sure to mail a check for your $25.00 per person registration fee.

If you choose to use a paper form and you have access to a printer, please use the fillable PDF form accessible through the button below. Use your device to fill the form. Then print and sign it, and mail it along with a check for the $25.00 per person registration fee.

If you choose to use a paper form and you do not have access to a printer, you may be able to obtain a paper copy of the registration form from your church office if you attend an Episcopal church in one of the three Virginia dioceses. Or you can contact us to request a paper copy of the registration form by mail. When you have obtained the form, fill and sign it, and mail it along with a check for the $25.00 per person registration fee.

If you are on our email list, you will receive an email announcement that registration is open, and registration form will be attached. If you prefer, you can print that form, fill it by hand, and mail it with your registration fee.

 Click here  to request email notifications about Fall Camp. When you are finished and click Submit, a reCAPTCHA puzzle will prove that you are not a robot.