Here is a summary of workshops that are planned as of July, 2018. There may be changes, so please check for the latest when you arrive at Shrine Mont. Workshop sign-up will take place at Fall Camp check-in.

Ever wanted to learn to use a bow and arrow? The Archery Workshop will offer the opportunity to learn or sharpen skills under the guidance of Sylvia Wall, a USA Archery and National Field Archery Association certified instructor. You can even participate in this workshop if you can’t stand up to shoot. There will be three sessions, each limited to 12 participants.

Yoga will again be led by Susie Engle-Hill. Yoga is calming and strengthening, while increasing flexibility and mental focus. Give yourself a relaxing ‘time-out’ from the Fall Camp fun and join in. Bring a yoga mat or beach towel and wear loose, comfortable clothing. All levels from beginner to daily practitioners welcome. Yoga can be intimidating to some people who may feel they just “don’t bend that way” or might not be able to keep up. Others may have physical limitations. Susie will also offer Chair Yoga, a gentle style that can be done from a (mostly) seated position or using the chair for support and balance. This method also incorporates the breathing and mind-body benefits of a traditional class.

Patty Rosenberg’s Simple Flower Arranging workshop will create lovely arrangements to display around the property while showing you how to structure an arrangement and condition the materials so they last longer. If you have them, bring a good pair of clean clippers or secateurs to cut stems of flowers. Shrine Mont has numerous vases for us to use.

Learn how to make your own delightful cards. Loretta Mann will provide kits and plenty of items and inspiration to create your masterpiece.

ln Drumming as a Kind of Prayer, Angier Brock will show how drumming can be a way to still oneself, for its rhythms and repetitions can help focus both the mind and the heart. Although praying with drums may include words, drumming can be particularly useful as a non-verbal form of self-emptying prayer. You will learn a few simple hand strokes, and then use frame drums and other rhythm instruments to experiment with drumming our prayers. If you have a frame drum (a drum with a skin on only one side) or other favorite rhythm instrument, please bring it along.

Join Toni Hogg in Coloring to Relaxing Music. Coloring sheets, pencils and crayons will be provided. Should you have something special you would like to work on, please bring it.

Enjoy walking and dancing The Labyrinth with with Marian Windel as she leads an exploration of their history, variety of design, uses and benefits.

Learn which of the nine interconnected personality types you are, according to Enneagram, with Sister Carrine Etheridge.

Ann Holsinger will lead knitters and others in how to conduct a Prayer Square Ministry.

The emphasis and significant message of Are Your Affairs in Order is the importance of parents and their children talking about end-of-life matters. Karen Kucik is a retired Federal Government lawyer and editor of the Diocese of Virginia’s revised pamphlet ”Are Your Affairs in Order” for the Committee on Aging. In this workshop the pamphlet will be distributed and discussed. It contains sample forms for folks to write their medical and personal wishes. You will also discuss the importance of estate planning and probate.

Ever been accused of playing with your food? If so, Artful Appetizers – Just a Bite is the perfect outlet, brought to you by Barbara Fischer. Just bring your clean hands, imaginations and appetites to be among the first to sample the artful creations which will be offered to whet the appetites of other Fall Campers at the always popular Happy Half-Hour.

The Upside of Downsizing is an opportunity for those folks who have downsized from large quarters to share what they have learned with those folks who want to learn how to go about it. Julie Shields will share ideas on this daunting task that have been gleaned from our own experience, from presentations, from friends and neighbors, and from books and magazines. Come join us with questions or advice. We may create a pamphlet for future Fall Campers.

Judy Parrish will present Liturgical Clowning. An experienced practitioner of the art, Judy will discuss what it is all about and why they do it.

Ed Smith will offer his Genealogy expertise once again on an individual sign-up basis.

Our keynote speaker, Lauren Winner, and chaplain, Bishop Ihloff, will also be conducting workshops… topics to be announced.

Many of these workshops will have limited space available. Please look for sign-up sheets as soon as you check in at Fall Camp.